period. tee & Bloody Great Period Gift Pack

We're bloody keen to break down taboos about periods. Wear our 100% cotton long sleeve tee boldly embroidered with red stitching, so we can talk about this natural process in women's lives.

Period poverty has been preventing students from attending class, and we believe the high cost of menstrual products needs some solutions. Everyone should have access to affordable and sustainable menstrual products - period. !

That's why we teamed up with social enterprise Wā Collective, offering a bleeding important service to tertiary students across the country, selling subsidised Wa Cups on university campuses.We give them koha to enable their cup price to remain very low. 

Both our long sleeve comfy sized heavier tee, and our beautiful organic short sleeve Little Yellow Bird tee as part of our Bloody Great Period Gift Pack - will keep you cosy, when you are coping with your monthly flow.


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