This is simply a bloody great  GIFT that gives back.

Five quality 100% organic sustainable gifts in one pack collected from Wellington women's social enterprises. Each individual gift donates to a charity or cause that supports and empowers women !

1 NopeSisters period. tee embroidered on a white 100% organic cotton quality tee from Little Yellow Bird's sustainable, ethical cotton manufacturers of Kolkota. Each tee donates to Wā Collective to provide affordable and sustainable menstrual cups to tertiary students in NZ.

1  Cup - medical grade silicon menstrual cup to take care of your monthly flow for up to  ten years. Sustainable, eco-friendly solution to tackle period poverty. Wā Collective sell these affordable cups direct to students on University campus across NZ.

1 pair of NISA 100% organic cotton undies, with lurex elastic, made exclusively for you by former refugee women living in NZ. NISA Clothing upskills them to create a beautiful range of underwear using fabric supplied by Little Yellow Bird.

1 packet of Dignity 100% organic cotton menstrual pads from Oi - with a matching pack donated to a local high school. Dignity's buy one give one, offers corporates organic pads and tampons for their staff, and provides free equivalent products to high school students to tackle period poverty, and support them to remain in school during their period.

1 hand crafted ROSE soap (SLS free) created by the women of CanSurvive - breast cancer survivor dragonboat team recovering through fitness and fun.

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